Premium range

Are your requirements more complex and specific?

Add that finishing touch to your accessories with our narrow lace trim produced on mechanical spindles, flat braids made on wooden looms, cords or piping with fine and delicate braiding - all made especially for premium brands!

A product range aimed for the Haute Couture and luxury markets suitable for luxury clothing, footwear, bags and accessories.

Be curious, be happy!

Premium Range: refined textile accessories for the world of luxury and fashion

Luxury cords and shoelaces:

SCF has revived the production of premium shoelaces. We create our cords on wooden looms dating from 1830, wax or glaze them (depending on the desired finish) then add tone-on-tone aglets as the finishing touch (coloured or metallic acetate). This production method creates a shoelace with a fine weave and a leather finish.

Exceptional lace trimmings

openwork, full, trimming or insertion lace; customise your designs with lace produced on mechanical spindles from Puy en Velay.

Sophisticated braiding:

princess, multi-product, soutache, picots, rickracks, braids, curls, cleats, plaits…all as precious as they are unique and all braided using 19th century wooden looms.