Quality and Innovation

SCF aspires to develop innovative new products so we can respond to future demand. That is why we work together with Techtera (an innovation cluster for technical and functional textiles),R3iLab, IFTH (a technical centre for textiles), CTC (a technical leather centre), educational institutions (ITEC and ENSAID) and several industrial businesses (AD confection, Armor, Garnier-Thiebaut, Muliez-Flory, amongst others).

Société Choletaise de Fabrication innovates through creation, design and research to help our customers design products, to bring new ideas to the table and also to modernise our own processes. This is the reason behind our work with Mode Grand Ouest and IFTH to support textile production in the west of France. We are part of the Innofamod company modernisation project which is supported by the Pays de la Loire region.

Banc 3.0:

The Banc 3.0 project is the outcome of an innovation process drawing on French industrial expertise and an ethos of partnership and openness.
It is a three-dimensional project, bringing together people, nature and technology. The outcome? Cabane 3.0, designed by Amaury Poudray.

Tabouret Tabcord:

create, innovate, invent… For example, the Bobine project, run as part of the non-technological innovation network at R3iLab. Cord is flexible; we toughen the cord by heating it, so it takes the shape of the frame upon which it is wound. This patented process named Plug It was developed through a collaboration with designer François Azambourg.

Chaise Strap:

The Chaise Strap project was carried out in collaboration with furniture designer Moustache and design bureau Scholten & Baijings. This chair, intended for indoor and outdoor use, was chosen as a design of the year by London Design Musuem. SCF’s strap was used to cover a metallic structure using a weaving technique.